About Aqueous Printing

The beautiful blue of Aqueous Printing was the brainchild of Emily Tidal.  Having grown up by the Pacific Ocean as a child, she wished to capture the beauty of the water, and share it with everyone. Enamored by the fluidness of the ocean, Emily decided her printed works should posses many of the same qualities. And, Aqueous Printing truly does create prints that have a fluid beauty not to be rivaled by any other print provider.  

Emily stayed close to her inspiration, and built her printing shop by her beloved Pacific Ocean.  The print shop can handle any print order, whether a single postcard or 50 highgloss banners.  Rated one of the best places to work in America , Aqueous printing employes work hard, but also know how to have fun! Not only does the salty spray provide a beautiful combination of inspiration, but also an opportunity for a surf break when the waves are just right!